Ecosystem facilityEcosystem facility

Micromatics manufacturing ecosystem with ecofriendly facility supports the entire manufacturing value-stream. We are focused on building a sustainable and globally competitive platform that facilitates the entire manufacturing process – from beginning to end. Micromatics facility is connected with large-scale industrial production processes, which provide time-to-market on-the-job assistance. The philosophy of Micromatics is the global delivery eco system and carry out the highest value add.

01Precision Machining

High precision detailed part of Manufacturing of Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium with 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 axis, HMC Machinery & Smart digital manufacturing integration


Complete solution for industrial automation from design, manufacturing, installation, after sales & service and Training.

03Mold & Die and Injection molding

Mold & Die for Plastic injection molding, Hot forging Die, Rubber mold, Die casting mold

04Surface Treatment by end of 2020

Anodizing, Primer, Painting, Passivation, Chem Conversion coating, NDT