Micromatics provides a broad range of sheet metal fabrication services including panel production, bending, shearing, rolling, punching, embossing, CNC Trimming and Beading as well as CNC secondary machining. Our blend of metal forming and close tolerance machining expertise provides for the highest quality at a competitive price. Our services are applied in Aerospace, Power Generation, Defense, Consumer Products, Packaging and General Industry.

Creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. Progressive Metal Stamping is the process of creating metal parts by employing multiple metal forming/working methods. The process incorporates an automated feeding system to process the metal stamping through progressive manufacturing steps or stations. Each stamping creates a new set of features. Our technical staff will develop the right process for your Progressive Metal stamping requirements. With thousands of designs under our belts, our team is ready to bring your design to life. Water Jet cutting, Laser cutting, CNC Turret punching, shearing, and press brake operations. Metal stamping production division: Metal stamping production parts for low volume and high volume productions.

Micromatics has been providing precision metal stamping services for over 20 years. We specialize in short to medium production of simple and complex parts from a range of material including, high-performance corrosion-resistant alloys. We have over a half-century of combined experience and expertise in the Stamping, Metal Forming, and Machining industries.

Coordinating the technical aspects of your project, our Engineering Department has the background, expertise, and hands-on experience to provide support for your parts manufacturing, design, and development needs. We can provide exceptional recommendations for a cost-efficient design for ease of manufacture.

Utilizing the most cost-efficient manufacturing processes today, with an eye toward your future requirements, is the key to long term success. With our extensive background in a wide variety of metal forming and machining processes, we can suggest the best direction to suit the required quantities and complexity of your product.

Our quality sheet metal fabrication services feature the following benefits:

• Computer control for accuracy and repeatability.

• CNC turret press, 40 x 48 x 10 gage.

• CNC Brake press 6 feet x 10 gage, up to 3/16 thick plate under 3 feet.

• CNC Trimming-Beading Machine 15” capacity.

• Shearing with a programmable gauging capacity of 6 feet x 11 gage.

• Slip rolls with maximum widths of 4 feet x 16 gage and wire & rods of 3/16 through 3/8 diameter.

• Panel fabrication for control panels and systems are done as specialty services.

• 3D designing of components and process tooling is performed utilizing the latest technology


Our experience brings ideas to our customers to provide the value you expect from your supply chain by optimizing your component manufacturing processes. We accomplish this with our unique blend of modern metal forming complimented with CNC machining that delivers precision and repeatability to your close tolerance parts needs. Micromatics provides components and assemblies serving Aerospace, Power Generation, Defense, Consumer Products, and a wide variety of other Industries.


Some of the features that our metal stamping services incorporate are listed below:


• From simple piercing and blanking to complex drawn and formed configurations; we use state of the art tools dies, and coatings coupled with our modern production equipment to deliver the highest quality finished products.

• We use stamping presses that are among the industries most advanced; giving us greater rigidity, accuracy, and repeatability as well as lower maintenance and less downtime.

• Capacity range up to 125 tons, open back stationary presses.

• A large work envelop of up to 12” x 24” x 36” can be processed.

• We process many types of ferrous, non-ferrous, and high-temperature alloys as well as plastics.

• We can provide you with near-net shapes blanked from sheet or plate.

• Routinely producing parts from sheet, tube, screen mesh as well as performing secondary operations on your near net shapes.

• Operations include: Perforate, blanking, draw, deep draw, extrudes and collar form, swage, expanding, sizing, and more.

• ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 registered QMS.

• Our secondary processing operations include heat treating, plating, painting, and anodizing, destructive, and non-destructive testing.


Our experienced team will ensure to deliver your concepts to reality.

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